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This is the website of Inge Groenen with her sculptures of women, athletes, dancers, from materials like ceramics and bronze.
 We wish you a pleasant walk through her gallery...

About Inge Groenen

In my work as a sculptor I capture moments of extremes, without changing reality. My background as a physiotherapist helps me to make realistic, figurative bronze sculptures that constitute fragments of reality.
It is my goal to represent  actual moments, stimulating the viewer to make up a feeling and a story. I wish to evoke emotions of joy or even severity and pain, without shocking people.
I create work that contains dynamics in a moment of stillness.
It is precisely this contrast that results in sculptures that radiate strength and power. This is well reflected in my bronzes of skaters that exude not only speed, but also the brief moment of calm when passing from one movement to another. From this vision I am also able to work on request on various assignments. The result will always show the wishes of the client, but my hand is visible...


In 2016, I graduated from the Classical Academy of Sculpture in Groningen, the Netherlands. There I worked with teachers Natasja Bennink, Eddy Roos, Jon Gardella, Anita Franken, Jan van Loon and Gert Sennema. The Academy has broadened my knowledge and has given me more basics in drawing, abstraction, chopping wood and stone, art history and much more.

My bronze statues of skaters have been exhibited in skating centers as Thialf, Heerenveen and Kardinge, Groningen.
For the Dutch Federation of Skating (KNSB) I have made their annually trophees, awarding the best inline skater, short tracker, marathon skaters and figure skater.


Special assignments have included until now:

- Bronze statues on your terrace or in the garden 


- Gifts for graduation & other festivities; (e.g. portfolio: violin for graduation from conservatory)

- Memory to birth pregnant daughters or friends

- Trophies for Sporting and Games; winners or losers...


- Promotional gifts to say thank you, for a jubilee, or farewell

Via CONTACT you may email or phone me, to discuss further possibilities

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